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[Press Release] Rainbow Robotics unveils RB-Y1, Korea's first bimanual mobile manipulator

- In March, "2024 Smart Factory Automation Industry Exhibition (SF+AW 2024)" was first released to the public

- Posting various performance videos of bimanual mobile manipulator in the form of humanoids on YouTube channels



Daejeon, Republic of Korea, April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rainbow Robotics, the robot platform company, announced that it has released detailed specifications of RB-Y1, the first bimanual mobile manipulator developed in Korea, and posted various performance videos on the Rainbow Robotics YouTube channel.

RB-Y1 is a form of mounting a humanoid-type double-arm robot on a wheel-type high-speed mobile base to enable work in various environments. In order to naturally perform various and complex tasks, both arms are equipped with 7 degrees of freedom and consist of a single leg with a 6-axis degree of freedom that can move the body. In particular, it is possible to move more than 50 cm vertically, making it possible to perform tasks at various heights.

The driving operation speed is 2.5m/s, and various types of high-speed turning and sudden acceleration are possible using 20-axis full-body control. In addition, the center of gravity can be safely controlled by using a single leg with 6 degrees of freedom while driving.

RB-Y1 has the level of reliability and performance of industrial robots because it was developed using the core components used in cooperative robots and AMR. Since it has 22 axes excluding wheels, it is complex to generate motion for this robot.  However, it is possible to teach the robot (slave) by linking the data arm (master) to train them. It also has a function to prevent self-collision when the user teaches by setting the self-collision area of both arms. Additionally, a simulation environment for learning has been established to utilize AI.

An official from Rainbow Robotics said, "These days, when Generative AI such as ChatGPT and Figure is a hot topic in the robot industry, we have developed a bimanual mobile manipulator in line with the AI era," adding, "We hope that the platform will overcome the limitations of existing industrial robots and be used in many industrial sites."


Reference) RB-Y1 YouTube video link

Dynamic driving

Pouring water

Cup stacking


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