RBServing robot

AI autonomous serving robot
that improves store efficiency


Autonomous AI Serving Robot

Accurate movement to the exact location

By applying the patented ‘Grid-Free SLAM’ technology, the robot recognizes its own location and performs autonomous AI functions. It accurately determines the location without attaching any markers.

Three-sided open tray increases work speed

Three-sided tray allows easy serving and collecting. Additionally, the horizontal layout is more convenient for users to increases work speed.

Easy management by designating serving points

Easy setup and operation are achievable by using the self-developed software. In particular, it’s possible to designate serving locations and groups suitable for each organization, such as the main hall and group seating.

Case of RB series applications



  • Basic Specifications

    • Model


    • Size

      510 x 510 x 1,250mm

    • Load capacity

      Max 30kg (approximately 10kg per tray)

    • Tray size

      510 x 380mm

    • Display

      10.1 inch / 1,200 x 800

    • Weight

      About 50kg

    • Number of trays

      2+1 (expandable)

    • Sensors

      2D LiDAR x 1 / 3D Camera x 2

    • Network


  • Battery

    • Battery capacity


    • Continuous driving time

      12 hours

    • Battery charging time

      3 hours and 30 minutes

    • Charging type

      Wired AC adaptor included

  • Driving

    • Driving mode

      Serving mode / Collecting mode

    • Driving width


    • Driving speed

      Up to 1.0m/s (adjustable)

    • Emergency stop

      EMO Switch

  • Others

    • Sound volume control

      Separate control of background and guidance volume

    • Charging recognition

      Recognition of charging adaptor connection

    • Tray position adjustment


    • Tray attachment/detachment

      Use provided trays

  • * Specifications may change to improve performance



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